Software Development

About 60% – 70% cost of product accounts for Software. Also, a major share of time required for product development is on Software developing, debugging, and maintenance.

Software is an integral part of any digital and electronic product.

Real time Control Software

An Operating System (OS) is intended to serve real-time applications that process data as it comes in without buffer delays.

Embedded Software

Software that is embedded in hardware or non-PC devices is written specifically for the particular hardware that it runs on and usually has processing and memory constraints because of the device’s limited computing capabilities.

Data Processing Software

Collect innumerable data files from different sources and arrange them practically. Get increased productivity and profits, better decisions, more accuracy, and reliability.

Graphical System Software

A modern approach to designing measurement and control systems that integrate system design software with hardware to dramatically simplify development. 

Our unique software development process combines a careful blend of technical knowledge, business strategy, and customer involvement.

Wmolex offers High Quality and Cost-effective Custom Software Development services. We believe in providing the best solutions within your budget. Wmolex has developed custom software for various domains like Healthcare, Education, E-Commerce Solutions, etc. we have refined our approach to the complex issues of software outsourcing and custom software development that enables us to deliver high quality and cost-effective solutions to our customers.


Our Approach

Each of our software delivered is conceptualized around the client’s specific enterprise requirements. Our team works with the clients to examine their business processes, capture the organizational vision, analyze the present and forthcoming needs, build applications through the latest technologies, and finally deliver robust and functional enterprise solutions.

We have an enthusiastic team to provide you with all Custom Software Services. We utilize our project management skills to provide our clients with “User Friendly, Cost-Effective and High Quality” applications. We provide service and support for many legacy platforms. One of our key strengths is our disciplined process for executing highly technical projects within scope, on time, and within budget.